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Milking equipment needs to fulfill these objectives:
  • Quality - modern milking technology for quick and efficient milking.

  • Comfort - relaxed working conditions for the operator and cow welfare during milking

  • Profit - milking equipment to suit the exact needs of the dairy farmer ensuring his prosperity.

Parallel parlour in use


TANDEM PARLOURS - from the side individual milking

The in line milking parlour consists of individual stalls in line along the operators pit. The cows enter and exit individually. As soon as the milking is finished, the cow immediately leaves the stall and the next cow enters. The operation can be completely automated. It is the only milking system to treat the cow as an individual. The tandem parlours are recommended for 40-110 cow herds.

Tandematic stalls are available - in line, trigon or polygon

HERRINGBONE PARLOURS - from the side milking

The herringbone parlour is the most common. It is recommended for all herd sizes. The cows gain access to the parlour in batches. The herringbone parlour guarantees a good throughput. Its productivity can be increased by automating the milking parlour.

Herringbone parlours are available as Herringbone Classic, Rapid Exit, Trigon and Polygon and Rotary configurations.

PARALLEL PARLOURS and 50 DEGREE HERRINGBONE - from the rear milking

In the Parallel Stalls parlour the cows are positioned side by side (perpendicular to the pit) and milked from the rear. The cows enter in batches. This system decreases the length of the parlour and therefore operators walking time. At the front of the rapid exit parlour a pivoting yoke allows rapid release of the cows in one operation. This system is particularly recommended for large herds.

Parlours are available as Parallel Classic, Rapid Exit and 50 degree herringbone configurations.

 GM LIBERTY AND ZENITH ROBOTIC MILKING SYSTEMS  - from the side robotic milking

The GM Liberty Zenith system is modular. Depending on the requirements of the customer the robotic arm may be linked to between one and four milking boxes. The length of the box is adjustable for each cow by means of the controlled feed manger. This system offers considerable savings on labour, leaving more time for management tasks and family life.

A wide range of Gascoigne Melotte milking equipment is available from We can now offer a wide range of genuine and non genuine spare parts to hep keep your Gascoigne Melotte parlour running as it should.

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