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Ambic PeraSpray cluster spraying The milking cluster is a well known source of transmission of mastitis pathogens from cow to cow. Once an infected cow has been milked, the next 6 to 8 cows milked through that same cluster are at risk of contamination, the first 1 or 2 cows being exposed to a particularly high level of risk. Treatment of milking clusters with peracetic acid greatly reduces this risk.
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Ambic PeraSpray cluster spray system complete APA100 Ambic PeraSpray cluster spray system complete

Ambic PeraSpray cluster spray system with 3 applicators. Full instructions here.
  • Large Nozzles for more effective cleaning and disinfection
  • Rounded spray plates for easy and effective application
  • Special gaskets for use with Peracetic acid
  • Cuts the chain of contamination and reduces mastitis

Ambic PeraSpray Power Unit APA101 Ambic PeraSpray Power Unit

Replacement power unit only for Ambic PeraSpray

Ambic PeraSpray Diaphragm Pump APA004 Ambic PeraSpray Diaphragm Pump

Replacement diaphragm pump for Ambic PeraSpray power unit

Ambic PeraSpray Retractable Coil APA006 Ambic PeraSpray Retractable Coil

Replacement orange retractable coil for Ambic PeraSpray

Ambic PeraSpray Spray Gun APA002 Ambic PeraSpray Spray Gun

Replacement spray gun for Ambic PeraSpray

APA020 Ambic PeraSpray Nozzle and Shield Assembly

Replacement nozzle and shield assembly for Ambic PeraSpray spray gun

Ambic PeraSpray Extension Kit APA014 Ambic PeraSpray Extension Kit

Complete extension kit for Ambic PeraSpray system to add an addition drop point

Ambic PeraSpray O Ring APA008 Ambic PeraSpray O Ring

Replacement o-rings for Ambic PeraSpray nozzle. Sold in pack of 10.

ATS461-PA Ambic PeraSpray Connector

Replacement straight connector for Ambic PeraSpray

Ambic PeraSpray Inlet Valve ATS445-PA Ambic PeraSpray Inlet Valve

Replacement inlet valve for Ambic PeraSpray. Suitable for use with Peracetic acid.


Ambic PeraSpray Outlet Valve ATS446-PA Ambic PeraSpray Outlet Valve

Replacement outlet valve for Ambic PeraSpray. Suitable for use with peracetic acid.

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