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Ambic and Deosan Milk Filters Milk filtration is a very important part of milk quality. Change your filters every six months, and don't forget to always use them for washing if you use pre-cooling. Ambic and Deosan filters and spares available.

Ambic Flow Filter | Deosan Major Filter | Deosan Sedi Filter | Deosan In-Line Filter

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Ambic Flow Filter and Spares

Ambic Flow Filter complete AF010 Ambic Flowfilter (Obsolete - Please use AF110)

Complete Filter - the most widely used in the UK. Now with impact resistant transparent case. Now discontinued and replaced with AF110


Ambic Flow Filter complete AF110 New Ambic Flowfilter

Complete Filter - with new type connector unit, and supplied with impact resistant transparent case.

Ambic Flow Filter complete AF020 Ambic Flowfilter with TCL connector

Complete Filter - the most widely used in the UK. Now with impact resistant transparent case and fitment for 1.5" TCL clamps for inlet / outlet. (Clamps not supplied)

Ambic Flow Filter o ring set AF001 Ambic Flowfilter

Set of O rings.

Ambic Flow Filter pair of filters AF002 Ambic Flowfilter

Pair of filters

Ambic Flow Filter inner filter AF005 Ambic Flowfilter

Inner Filter

Ambic Flow Filter outer filter AF006 Ambic Flowfilter

Outer Filter

Ambic Flow Filter transparent case AF008 Ambic Flowfilter

New impact resistant transparent Case

Ambic Flow Filter case removal tool AF009 Ambic Flowfilter

Case Removal tool.

Ambic Flow Filter easy fit bottom seal AF011 Ambic Flowfilter

Easy fit bottom seal. Replaces twin seals for easy removal of case.

Ambic Flow Filter connector unit AF012 Ambic Flowfilter

Connector Unit for AF010. 40mm inlet / outlet. (Only available whilst stocks last)

Ambic Flow Filter connector unit AF022 Ambic Flowfilter

New type Connector Unit for AF020. 1.5" TCL clamps for inlet / outlet. (Clamps not supplied)

Ambic Flow Filter connector unit AF112 Ambic Flowfilter

Connector Unit for AF110. 40mm inlet / outlet.

Deosan Major / Kingston Filtermaster / Polden Milk Filter and Spares

Deosan Major / Kingston Filtermaster milk filter DE030 Deosan Major Filter

Complete Filter - Also sold under Filtermaster, Cotswold, Deosan, Fullwood and Kingston Somerset branding. All parts are interchangeable, the only difference maybe the colour of the filter top and the filters. 40mm inlet / outlet.

Deosan Major / Kingston Filtermaster inner filter DE032 Deosan Major Filter

Inner filter

Deosan Major / Kingston Filtermaster outer filter DE033 Deosan Major Filter

Outer filter

Deosan Major / Kingston Filtermaster pair of filters DE034 Deosan Major Filter

Pair of filters

Deosan Major / Kingston Filtermaster filter top DE035 Deosan Major Filter

Filter top

Deosan Major / Kingston Filtermaster filter cannister DE036 Deosan Major Filter

Filter canister and O ring

Deosan Major / Kingston Filtermaster locking ring DE037 Deosan Major Filter

Locking ring

Major Filter / Filtermaster canister o ring DE038 Deosan Major Filter

Canister o ring

Deosan Major / Kingston Filtermaster drain tap DE039 Deosan Major Filter

Stainless steel drain tap and washer

Deosan Major / Kingston Filtermaster filter o rings DE040 Deosan Major Filter

Filter o ring set [excludes canister O ring]

Deosan Sedi Filter and spares

Deosan Sedi Filter DE050 Deosan Sedi Filter

Complete filter assembly

Deosan Sedi Filter screw on lid DE051 Deosan Sedi Filter

Screw on lid only

Deosan Sedi Filter body only DE052 Deosan Sedi Filter

Filter body only

Deosan Sedi Filter lid o ring seal DE053 Deosan Sedi Filter

Lid o ring seal [pack of 6]

Deosan Sedi Filter 180 micron orange filter element DE054 Deosan Sedi Filter

Orange filter element 180 micron


Deosan Sedi Filter 120 micron blue filter element DE055 Deosan Sedi Filter

Blue filter element 120 micron

DE056 Deosan Sedi Filter

Green filter element 70 micron

Deosan Sedi Filter outer filter o ring DE057 Deosan Sedi Filter

Filter O Ring [pack of 6]

Deosan In-Line Filter and Spares

Deosanin-line filter pressure seal DE022 Deosan In-Line Filter

Pressure seal

Deosanin-line filter o-ring seal DE023 Deosan In-Line Filter

O Ring seal

Deosanin-line filter replacement rubber set DE029 Deosan In-Line Filter

Replacement rubber set c/o:-

2 x DE023 O Ring seal and  x DE019 Rubber disc holder


Deosanin-line filter rubber disc holder DE019 Deosan In-Line Filter

Rubber disc holder

Deosan In-Line Filter Red Disc DE010 Deosan In-Line Filter

Red filter disc 200 micron

Deosan In-Line Filter Blue Disc DE011 Deosan In-Line Filter

Blue filter disc 150 micron

Deosan In-Line Filter Yellow Disc DE012 Deosan In-Line Filter

Yellow filter disc 100 micron

Deosan In-Line Filter Grey Disc DE013 Deosan In-Line Filter

Grey filter disc 70 micron

Deosan In-Line Filter DE014 Deosan In-Line Filter

White filter disc 50 micron

Deosan In-Line Filter set of discs with holder DE017 Deosan In-Line Filter

Set of 4 discs and holder [red, blue, yellow and grey]

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