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Automatic Cluster Removal (ACR) Spares A wide range of compatible parts for many automatic cluster removal systems [ACR Systems] from a variety of manufacturers including Alfa Laval and Waikato.
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Alfa Laval compatible Cluster removal [acr] spares.

Replacement push button for Alfa Laval ACRs A1 ACR Push button compatible with old Alfa Laval

A replacement push button compatible with the older 'blue top hat' acr's. Similar to 967558-01. This is a non-genuine part, and the push button mounting box needs a little modification to fit. Supplied with push button cover.

Replacement timers for Alfa Laval ACRs A3 ACR Timer compatible with old Alfa Laval

A hard wired  compatible timer for the older 'blue top hat' acr's. Simply wire in your 24v supply, reed switch, push button and Burkett valve the same as in your original timer. Compatible with 967464-80. This is a non-genuine part.

Universal Automatic cluster removal [acr] spares

ACR Cord A7 ACR Cord / String

100m roll of 4mm acr cord.

ACR Cord A8 ACR Cord / String

100m roll of 5mm acr cord.

ACR Cord A9 ACR Cord / String

100m roll of 6mm acr cord.

Universal stainless steel acr clip A10 ACR Clip / ACR Hook

Stainless steel acr clip suitable for all makes, and much longer lasting than plastic.

Waikato Automatic cluster removal [acr] spares

Waikato automatic cluster remover spares WA1 Waikato ACR Initiator complete

Complete acr initiator for Waikato / AHI acr systems.

Waikato automatic cluster remover spares WA2 Waikato ACR reset timer

Complete acr reset timer for Waikato / AHI acr systems.

Waikato acr initiator cover WA4 Waikato ACR Initiator

Replacement dust cover for Waikato acr initiator.

Waikato acr initiator top WA5 Waikato ACR Initiator

Replacement top for Waikato acr initiator.

Waikato acr initiator float WA6 Waikato ACR Initiator

Replacement float for Waikato acr initiator.

Waikato acr initiator body WA7 Waikato ACR Initiator

Replacement body for Waikato acr initiator.

Waikato acr initiator bracket WA9 Waikato ACR Initiator

Replacement bracket for Waikato acr initiator.

Waikato acr initiator float lifter WA10 Waikato ACR Initiator

Replacement acr float lifter for Waikato acr initiator without reset timer.

Waikato automatic cluster remover spares WA11 Waikato ACR Initiator

Replacement acr float lifter for Waikato acr initiator with reset timer.

Disclaimer: The original equipment manufacturers names and numbers are for reference purposes only, and are used only to identify suitable alternatives. Unless specifically stated, we are not inferring our products are identical to the original equipment, or made by the original equipment manufacturer.

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