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Scale reducers and water treatment Fit a scale reducer or water conditioner to improve the life and efficiency of your water heater. Highly recommended for hard water areas and well water.
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Combimate Siliphos / Combiphos Limescale Inhibitor Refill LSR1 Combimate Limescale Inhibitor Refill

Refill kit containing replacement chemical spheres and seal for Combimate. Contains approx 800g, which will allow for two fills with the divider, or one if divider is not used.

Combimate Limescale Inhibitor LSR2 Combimate Limescale Inhibitor

The very popular Combimate limescale reducer treats the water chemically by using chemical spheres which slowly dissolve into the water flow as it passes through the combimate.

Activated Carbon Filter WH21A Activated Carbon Filter

Activated-carbon filter, use alone or in tandem with other filters. Particularly useful where bore hole water is in use and farm run off may lead to noxious substances entering the supply.

WH21B Activated Carbon Filter

Replacement cartridge for WH21A activated carbon filter.

Polyphosphate Salts Dispenser WH21 Polyphosphate Salts Dispenser

Tackle scale with the same technology as our higher priced Combimate Water Softeners.

WH21C Polyphosphate Salts Dispenser

Replacement cartridge for WH21 polyphosphate salts dispenser.

Disclaimer: The original equipment manufacturers names and numbers are for reference purposes only, and are used only to identify suitable alternatives. Unless specifically stated, we are not inferring our products are identical to the original equipment, or made by the original equipment manufacturer.

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